Your Hosts!


L. Fayth, most often known as just L, is both an avid reader and an avid writer which is code for procrastinator. In her opinion, if a supernatural monster kills someone within the first few chapters of a book she knows it’s going to be a good one.*

L is a Bostonian hailing from a city best known for kick starting the American Industrial Revolution, Waltham. There she grew up with too much history and not enough witchcraft since Salem, as everybody knows, is nothing short of a tourist spot hell bent on emptying your pockets.

She currently resides in a small, really small town just south of Worcester playing the part of the obnoxious goth girlfriend to a happy go lucky engineer. Mom to an elderly dwarf rabbit named Jazz, and a derpy kitten named Vax’ildan or Vax for short.

*This opinion has been proven wrong many a time but honestly, she’s a creature of habit that seems to be easily tricked by book covers.


Chris is a sometimes writer, sometimes actor, sometimes furry living in the Washington D.C. area. He’s got a cat, some video games, and an entire row of bookshelves groaning under the weight of his To-Be-Read stack.

In his spare time, besides reading and writing, he likes scrapbooking, voice acting, and sitting and binge-watch Murder, She Wrote while filling 5×5 squares of cloth with birdseed.